TiTAN Technology Solutions works with clients of various sizes from all sectors. Clients are based throughout Ireland, the home of TiTAN’s operations, with other clients located across various European countries. The rapid growth in cloud computing capabilities in recent years has opened up fantastic opportunities for all companies. Many clients have expanded and built on their original contracts with TiTAN as their business and IT needs have grown and developed from year to year.


TiTAN is proud to have a record of 100% customer retention over its years in business and building long-term relationships is key to building and implementing a successful IT strategy to suit the needs of each individual client.


The TiTAN team is always there to support and work with all clients as they move forward in today’s fast-paced world of technology. Contact TiTAN today and bring a new level of expertise into your company’s future.


The following are some of TiTAN's clients:


Republic of Ireland

Cork Internet ExchangeCIX is Cork City’s only fully resilient, professional and commercial data centre.CIX is a leading provider of green mission-critical colocation services.


Ripple CommunicationRipplecom Communication core focus is to provide broadband connectivity to Residential, SOHO, SME and Corporate customers in Ireland.




Northern Ireland

EOS Systems Based in Belfast, EOS Systems provide a complete range of professional IT Support and Maintenance, Hardware and Software and Training services across Northern Ireland