Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning are vital activities for any business and have become increasingly important in today’s uncertain world. Compliance requirements frequently motivate companies to prepare for unforeseen risks, but it also makes good business sense to be ready for future possible operational challenges. While companies are obviously keen to protect their own data and systems, they must also look after their staff and customers, keeping everyone safe from unnecessary or unexpected disruptions. TiTAN can help you create, build, and maintain your plans, ensuring you are ready for the unknown future.


Be prepared for:

  • Natural threats: extreme weather conditions are often unavoidable and can have a significant impact when floods or storms are involved, or can simply make travelling to an office impractical after a heavy snowfall
  • Travel chaos: accidents, cancellations or even strikes can quickly keep people away from the office
  • Terror threats: geographical areas or even travel routes can be forced into closure, resulting in isolation in certain areas
  • Health issues and disease outbreaks: those who are uncontaminated can also be effected due to restricted movement and human contact


Business Continuity (BC)

In a competitive business environment it is essential for every company to run smoothly every day, regardless of any external threats. Business Continuity plans are generally put into action when people are unable to physically reach the office. Cloud services enable remote connectivity via a wide combination of devices, allowing users to work from any location. Your business can continue to operate without disruption of service to your customers or any financial impact.


Disaster Recovery (DR)

When the worst possible scenarios play out, Disaster Recovery plans become the lifeblood of any company. TiTAN manages your live replication to a dedicated site, ensuring a quick failover to the DR plan chosen by the client and put in place with TiTAN. An alternative solution is where TiTAN manages a replication of your data and provides necessary infrastructure on standby, therefore enabling a complete recovery of all your systems and a return to full operations.