Cloud Hosting (IaaS)

TiTAN’s Cloud Hosting solutions can be used to deliver your entire IT requirements or simply provide additional capacity when needed. Instead of relying on hardware to drive solutions, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows you invest in specific solutions to match your requirements.


  • Fast: ability to draw down from TiTAN’s central pool of resources within minutes 
  • Flexible: easy to scale up or down 
  • Space efficient: no wasted space 
  • Cost efficient: only charged for resources consumed 
  • Cost saving: reduction in IT infrastructure running cost
  • Time saving: elimination of support services and maintenance
  • Total reliability: secure systems located in TiTAN's dedicated data centre space

Public Cloud

With increased complexity and costs in today’s fast-changing business world, companies need to adopt a more cost-effective and flexible way to deliver application services. TiTAN’s Public Cloud allows the customer create services on systems that are hosted and managed externally. All instances are all virtualised and can be created, updated and terminated through the TiTAN Cloud. Memory, processing power and storage can be deployed within minutes from this on-demand resource pool. Customers can specify their requirements and choose from a combination of Windows or Linux operating systems.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud hosting solutions are frequently used by larger organisations that can fully avail of the financial benefits of requiring multiple virtual machines on dedicated servers. TiTAN's Private Cloud is delivered from a pool of dedicated systems and made available solely to one customer. All resources are dedicated and not part of a multi-tenancy environment. This is particularly attractive to companies with stringent regulatory guidelines or internal policies that necessitate a Private Cloud solution as opposed to joining a Public Cloud.


Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of multiple clouds working in harmony. Some customers require connection from an on-premises cloud to a private cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Others have a private cloud as their main hosting solution but use a hybrid cloud for additional capacity when needed. Whatever your requirements, a hybrid cloud solution offers many new options and deployment models, and often be the starting point for a journey into the cloud.


Managed Cloud

A rental-based private cloud is not always the ideal option for all businesses. Some clients prefer to own all aspects of their entire cloud but might lack the expertise to manage a remote cloud platform. Co-location is therefore not a realistic option. A Managed Cloud provides the perfect alternative, as architecturally it is identical to a private cloud and offers the same advantages of Private Cloud and Co-location. TiTAN’s Managed Cloud is supported with a suite of modules that offer various functionality and additional security features to enhance your overall cloud managed platform.


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