Email Services

TiTAN’s Email Services deliver the protection and peace of mind every company needs. Email communication is vital for the smooth running of virtually all businesses, but not only would losing emails be inconvenient, the loss of confidential data could have serious legal implications also.


Email Continuity

With the scope of business threats constantly widening, having a solid Business Continuity plan is essential. Be ready for any downtime of your email server and let TiTAN’s Email Continuity service be ready and on stand-by should the need ever arise. Vital lines of communication stay open with little or no disruption to your company’s operations.



  • High availability: always ready for the unexpected
  • Fast: can be engaged in seconds
  • Time saving: no wasted employee time during outages
  • Total reliability: secure systems located in TiTAN's dedicated data centre space

Email Filtering

TiTAN’s Email Filtering service stops 99% of spam reaching your network and causing potential attacks on your data. Multiple tests are run to ensure spam is identified and removed before it can reach its intended destination. The service works at SMTP-level and can connect with all SMTP mailservers, including Microsoft Exchange, Small Business Server, Lotus Notes, and any hosted email account.



  • Fast: instant scanning means no email delays
  • Access: 14 days access to spam
  • Time saving: no wasted employee time supporting on-site email security systems
  • Flexible: works with client’s mailserver