Managed Services

Outsourcing day-to-day IT responsibilities is easily achieved with TiTAN’s Managed Services. Originally a popular route with enterprise level organisations, this approach is now available and suitable for the needs of small and medium enterprises also. Managed Services is a strategic approach to improving operations company-wide. TiTAN can look after your IT requirements, leaving you free to focus on your core business and work at what you do best.


TiTAN is happy to discuss any combination of IT services you would consider outsourcing. We offer valuable advice and expertise on methods of simplifying your current IT set-up and how the TiTAN Cloud can benefit your business.



  • Ownership: all physical server equipment completely owned by the client
  • Control: full access retained
  • Time saving: elimination of support services and maintenance
  • Total reliability: secure systems located in TiTAN's dedicated data centre space