Server Hosting

Server Hosting is a perfect example of a good outsourcing decision. By choosing TiTAN to look after your hosting needs, your in-house IT team instantly has more available time. They can now focus on critical business requirements and can be far more productively employed on strategic projects. This will help your company grow and succeed at what it does best, rather than getting caught up with hosting issues.


Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting provides a speedy method of deployment to the TiTAN Cloud. While it looks and feels like a traditional server, you don’t have to spend time waiting for a physical server deployment. Virtual Server hosting is on-demand and in the cloud, giving you all the physical and financial benefits associated with the virtual, on-demand environment.




  • Cost efficient: only charged for resources consumed 
  • Cost saving: no need for large capital outlay on hardware
  • Time saving: elimination of support services and maintenance 
  •  Flexible: easy to scale up or down 
  •  Up-to-date: the latest technology, automatically 
  • Security: high-end infrastructure with 100% reliability 
  •  Customisation: unique budgets and needs catered for



Dedicated Server Hosting

TiTAN’s Dedicated Server Hosting service allows you to outsource your hosting needs and still maintain full control over your hardware and operating system. Clients benefit from the backup facilities provided in a data centre environment, such as redundant power and a highly secure location. High performance and stability are crucial for any business systems, and for companies with a high volume of traffic, a Dedicated Server Hosting service is an ideal solution.




  •  Control: full access retained 
  •  Stability: unbroken service with no downtime 
  •  Performance: guaranteed to operate at a constant high level
  • Security: high-end infrastructure with 100% reliability
  • Total reliability: secure systems located in TiTAN's dedicated date centre space